WAKO USA Coaches Complete the First Ever USA Kickboxing Certification Program

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On November 15th, 2020, 18 USA Kickboxing coaches completed the first ever WAKO USA coaching education certification program. This program sets the USOC standard for Coaches in the Sport of Kickboxing. USA Kickboxing wishes to lead the way for Combat Sports to bring our Sport to a higher level of governance and coaching standards. The goal is to have all coaches gain access to quality kickboxing education and the latest in sport science and coaching principles.

All 18 coaches developed the core USA Kickboxing guidelines that included: nurturing a love of sport and active recreation, focusing primarily on fun, participation and skill development, understanding the needs of young participants, introducing the concept of fair play, understanding how they create not only better young athletes but better young people, and having a sense of working in wider coaching community.

All 18 coaches went through five different stages of training in order to give their athletes and the athletes of Team USA Kickboxing a better sport experience. The coaches who completed this bronze level course were: Mark Greubel, Chris Cichon, Justin Whiley, Brad Zbilski, Shayne Adams, David Bybee, Phil Maldonato, Kathy Long, Tom Whitaker, Ryan Blackorby, Mike Talalotu, Amanda Ginski, Kevin Walker, Jojo Stagen, Chris Rangel, Mike Merriman, Marco Feitosa, and Dmytriy Kirpan.

Pictured above: WAKO USA President, Rob Zbilski, David Bybee, Kathy Long, and Phil Maldonato

Read what some of the coaches had to say:

“It was an extreme honor to have been on of 18 coaches in the United Stats to become a certified coach with WAKO Team USA Kickboxing! I look at the quality of the coaches involved with WAKO and I am humbled to be part of this. Thank you Rob Zbilski and WAKO for all the opportunities you are giving the fighters”

Tom Whitaker, owner of Metro Krav Maga & Kickboxing in Illinois.

“Proud to be one of the first 18 WAKO USA Certified National Kickboxing coaches in the United States. I’ve put blood, sweat, and tears and lots of money into this sport and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Shayne Adams, owner of Northern Illinois Combat Club & Fitness in Illinois.

“Very honored to be named one of the first 18 WAKO National Kickboxing coaches. Excited to get to coach with some of the best in the sport across this great country. Look forward to traveling with Team USA.”

Ryan Blackorby, owner of Peoria Muay Thai in Illinois.

“I was honored to become an official certified USA Kickboxing coach. It makes me feel very special to be recognized for the training, fighting and knowledge I’ve accumulated over the past 30+ years.”

David Bybee, owner of American Mixed Martial Arts in Florida.

The next step for these 18 coaches is move onto to the silver level course of coaching which will go further into training for the sport of kickboxing and everything involved with being a coach on the U.S. team. For more information on how to complete the official WAKO USA Kickboxing training program contact Ashley Zbilski, ashley@wakousa.org.

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