Training Camp and Team USA Tryouts Scheduled for Minneapolis, MN | Sept 21-22

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Mark your calendars and please help us spread the word.  WAKO USA and The Cellar Gym will be hosting a weekend of kickboxing events to help build the sport in MN and throughout the U.S.A.  


  • Weigh-ins 5:00-6:00pm
  • Fights Start 7:00pm
  • Free to participate
  • $10 for spectators
  • Fighters will be matched based on weight, experience, and rule style
  • Fights will take place in a variety of rule styles:
    • FCR – All kicks must be above the waist.
    • Low Kick – Kicks above the waist and to the legs are allowed.  NO clinching NO knees.
    • K-1 – All kicks are allowed and knees to body are allowed, clinching is only allowed for one strike.
    • Muay Thai – Clinching is allowed along with elbows (with elbow pads)
    • We will do the best we can to match fighters in the preferred rule style, but some compromises may need to be made.
  • All fights will be 3x 2:00min rounds with 1:00min break in-between. The fights will NOT be judged and the referee will break the action if a fighter is taking excessive damage. These bouts are intended to build experience and we do not want to have any KO’s or TKO’s.
  • To Register, please email fighters name, weight, full record (boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, mma, etc), and preferred rule style to


  • $40 to participate
  • Sparring Noon-2:00pm
    • Fighters will be grouped by weight
    • All FCR Kickboxers MUST wear kickboxing/karate pants!
    • Headgear and 16oz boxing gloves are REQUIRED!
  • Striking Seminar with Chris Cichon | 2:30-3:30pm
    • Focusing on Low Kick and K-1 Rules Kickboxing
  • Striking Seminar with Heath “Heater” Fonnest | 3:30-4:30pm
    • Focusing on FCR Kickboxing
  • Team USA Tryouts – WAKO USA is looking for fighters to compete as part of Team USA at the WAKO World Championships in Antalya, Turkey from November 30 to Dec 9 in the FCR Kickboxing division (kicks above the waist only).  WAKO USA is also sending a team of U.S. fighters to compete at the WAKO World Championships in Sao Paulo, Brazil for Low Kick and K-1 Rules styles, but this team has already been selected as the tournament takes place September 29 to October 5.  WAKO USA coaches and officials will be present at the Minneapolis training camp, seminars, smoker fights, and sparring sessions to scout possible talent for the team. 

Fighters interested in being selected for the FCR Kickboxing team in Turkey MUST wear kickboxing/karate pants, to distinguish you from low kick, K-1, and Muay Thai style fighters at this event.

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