Tim Mazurkiewicz Named Pan-Am Director of Officiating

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This week while in Turkey, WAKO USA’s Tim Mazurkiewicz was nominated for and accepted the position of Director of Officiating for WAKO Pan America. This position is a giant responsibility, but we are confident Tim Mazurkiewicz will do great things for WAKO Pan America. His knowledge, passion, and energy for the sport of kickboxing is exactly what WAKO Pan America needs to help build WAKO and the sport of kickboxing throughout North and South America.

Mazurkiewicz traveled with Team USA Kickboxing to Antalya, Turkey to work as Referee, Judge, and Timekeeper at the WAKO World Championships for FCR and Tatami Sports. Mazurkiewicz also recently worked the same positions at the Low Kick and K-1 World Championships in São Paulo, Brazil.

Congratulations Tim Mazurkiewicz!

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