Team USA Results From WAKO North American Championships

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Congratulations to all of the Team USA Kickboxers who competed at the 2014 WAKO North American Kickboxing Championships in Toronto, Canada. Below is a list of all the Team USA athletes that medaled:

Ashley Burns SILVER (S-N-K1-60 kgs)
Lakesha Springle BRONZE (S-O-K1-56 kgs)
D.J. Miller GOLD (S-O-K1-71kgs)
Omari Boyd GOLD (S-O-K1-75kgs)
German Blatazar GOLD (S-O-K1-63.5 kgs)
Neal Abrams SILVER (S-O-K1-75kgs)
Johncy Lindor SILVER (S-O-K1-63.5 kgs)
Andrea Lofgren SILVER (S-O-LK-65 kgs)
Dmytro Kirpan GOLD (S-O-K1-81 kgs)
Everett Sims GOLD (S-N-LK+91kgs)
James Wilson GOLD (S-O-LK-57 kgs)
Meryl Swidler GOLD (U14-LC-55
Ethan Hunter Gutierrez SILVER (I-N-LK-60 kgs)
Anthony Fontanel GOLD (J-N-LK-54 kgs)
Axel Pingarron BRONZE (S-O-K1-71kgs)
Adam Poore BRONZE (S-O-K1-67 kgs)
Tonya Davis BRONZE (S-O-LK+70 kgs)
Chand Tubio BRONZE (S-N-LK-75 kgs)
Kendall Beltran GOLD (U18-LC-60 kgs)
Amanda Ginski GOLD (S-O-LK-65 kgs)
James Priz SILVER (S-N-LK+91 kgs)
Edgar Nickson II BRONZE (S-O-K1-67 kgs)
Brandon McFall BRONZE (I-N-LK-67 kgs)
Timothy Mulligan SILVER (S-N-K1-81 kgs)

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