Team USA Arrives in Antalya, Turkey

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Team USA arrived safely in Antalya, Turkey for the 2013 WAKO World Kickboxing Championships for FCR Kickboxing and Mat sports. Team USA for this event includes fighters: Nathan Key and Lakeshia Springle along with head coach, Mark Greubel, WAKO USA President, Rob Zbilski, and WAKO USA Head Official, Tim Mazurkiewicz. Both fighters made weight and brackets were posted today. Nathan Key will face Wilson Guedes from Portugal and Lakeshia Springle with face Germany’s Jessica Heymann. Fights begin tomorrow (Tuesday).


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WAKO USA is the United States’ division of the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations and the governing body of Amateur kickboxing sport certified by Sport Accord. It is formed of two organizations: WAKO for amateur sports and WAKO PRO for professional sports.