Results from 2014 WAKO U.S. Nationals at Mr. Olympia

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We would like to thank the Coaches, Fighters and Officials who made the trip to Las Vegas and helped make the Mr. Olympia Kickboxing event a success. We received many positive comments about the professionalism and quality of the fights. We couldn’t have done it without you, and for that, we thank you.

Our next event is the Pan American Kickboxing Championships being held December 4-7, 2014 in Corrientes, Argentina. We would like to bring a great team down there to represent the U.S. If you would like to attend, please contact WAKO USA President, Rob Zbilski at

It was a pleasure meeting our new members who joined WAKO Team USA Kickboxing to fight and officiate at the event in Las Vegas. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

2014 WAKO U.S. National Champions (Mr. Olympia Tournament)

  • Kyle Hoffman, Z’s Martial Arts, Huntley, IL (Adult Men|-148lbs|Low Kick)
  • Amanda Ginski, Z’s Martial Arts, Huntley, IL (Adult Women|-150lbs|Low Kick)
  • Marie Choi, Team Oyama, Irvine, CA (Adult Women|-123lbs|K-1)
  • Meryl Swidler, Z’s Martial Arts, Huntley, IL (Jr. Girls|-???lbs|Low Kick)
  • James Wilson, Neil Ehrlich’s American Karate, Chantilly, VA (Adult Men|132lbs|Low Kick)
  • Myranda Anderson, Z’s Martial Arts, Huntley, IL (Jr. Girls|-148lbs|FCR)
  • Juan Esparaza, Hard Knocks Muy Thai LV, NV (Adult Men|-126lbs|K-1)
  • Chris Burgett, Team Quest Portland, OR (Adult Men|-157lbs|K-1)
  • Zhenya Chuprina, Hard Knocks Mauy Thai, Las Vegas, NV (Adult Men|-165lbs|K-1)
  • Lakesha Springle, Greubels MMA, Augusta,GA (Adult Women|-123lbs|Low Kick)
  • Adam Poore, Greubels MMA, Augusta, GA (Adult Men|-148lbs|K-1)
  • Chand Tubio, No Joke MMA, Rockford IL (Adult Men|-157lbs|Low Kick)
  • Pam Sorrenson, The Cellar Gym, Minneapolis,MN (Adult Women|+154lbs|K-1)
  • Taylor De La Grange (Mussay), PHD, Las Vegas, NV (Jr. Girls|-93lbs|LC)
  • Nick Torrence, Greubels MMA, Augusta, GA (Adult Men|-140lbs|Low Kick)
  • Alyssa Nicosia, NICC&F, Rockford, IL (Jr. Girls|-140lbs|Low Kick))
  • Antonio Dvorak, The Cellar Gym, Minneapolis, MN (Adult Men|+201lbs|Low Kick)
  • Thomas Rush, NBMA, North Branch, MN (Adult Men|-201lbs|Low Kick)

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