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The 9” HeadHunter Training Bag is a great fit for at-home gyms. Compact, affordable, and effective, you can incorporate it into your routine and see results almost instantly.
Perfect for:
-Personal Home Gyms
-Personal and Private Security Companies
-Body Therapy and Rehabilitation Centers

12″ – 35 lbs. HeadHunter Training Bags.
When you’re looking to make the next step up, the 12’ HeadHunter Training Bag is perfect. With a larger surface than the 9”, this bag can take your routine to the next level. Perfect for:
-Mixed Martial Arts Gyms
-Home & Backyard Gyms
-Sports Camps and Training Centers

18″ – 120 lbs. Aqua Punching Bags
An ideal bag for experienced and novice fighters alike, the 18” Aqua Punching Bag increases your punching power and is perfect for practicing sharp and accurate strikes. Traditional bags just can’t compete.Perfect for:
-Boxing and MMA Gyms
-Military Training Camps
-Wrestling Gyms

21″ – 190 lbs. Aqua Punching Bags
The biggest bag we offer, the 21” Aqua Punching Bag is no joke. It allows you to deliver knee or leg kicks with serious power, all without worrying about joint pain or durability. For serious fighters, the 21” is a must.Perfect for:
-Kickboxing Gyms
-Karate, Ju-Jitsu, & Tae-Kwon-Do
-MMA-focused Gyms

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