Event Results, Team USA

Results from Russia vs USA Kickboxing

2014’s Fourth of July holiday weekend will be especially memorable for Team USA Kickboxers that spent the weekend competing at a Russia vs USA event outside Moscow, Russia. Team USA fighters Nathan Key, Shane Walker, Kaitlin Young, and Richard Abraham traveled with coaches Mark Greubel & Chris Elms and Official Tim Mazurkiewicz. Nathan Key, who […]

2014 WAKO N. American Kickboxing Results
Event Results, WAKO North American Championships

Team USA Results From WAKO North American Championships

Congratulations to all of the Team USA Kickboxers who competed at the 2014 WAKO North American Kickboxing Championships in Toronto, Canada. Below is a list of all the Team USA athletes that medaled: Ashley Burns SILVER (S-N-K1-60 kgs) Lakesha Springle BRONZE (S-O-K1-56 kgs) D.J. Miller GOLD (S-O-K1-71kgs) Omari Boyd GOLD (S-O-K1-75kgs) German Blatazar GOLD (S-O-K1-63.5 […]