Welcome to WAKO Team USA Kickboxing

WAKO USA is the United States’ division of the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations
and the governing body of Amateur kickboxing sport certified by Sport Accord.

WAKO USA assists event promoters by sanctioning their amateur kickboxing events as well as professional kickboxing events in association with WAKO PRO.  WAKO USA sanctioning events in three rule styles: FCR, Low Kick, and K-1.

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WAKO Kickboxing Receives IOC Recognition

WAKO has been granted IOC’s provisional recognition.

The decision was taken by the IOC Executive Board in Tokyo Japan on 30th November 2018 upon the IOC Sports Department’s recommendation.

WAKO has experienced a massive development in the last years and we really feel we all collectively deserve such recognition. All our Hard work, focused attention on development, patience and a dedicated and competent team has finally paid off. When everything is settled it is time to reach for new and higher goals.

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Whether you want to ask a quick question we are here to help! We will respond to E-mailed inquiries or requests within 48 hours (2 business days)

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